Our recent ventures into new markets has led to numerous changes in-house. See below for more information on our machining and fabrication facilities.

Machining Capabilities

Precision Machining


As a company, D&D are proud of its reputation as a reliable supplier of machined parts and sub-contract machining, and our employees command an extensive skills and long-term employment.

We have had huge success from a number of new customers in the past 18 months, and the fact that we have completed expansion in our production area, enabling a much more efficient production flow. 

With facilities available in-house to accommodate customers demanding requirements, we always endeavour to improve our services. Both milling and turning are our speciality and with over three decades of experience, we are able to provide our service with many materials, including:

Mild Steel, Cast Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel (all grades), Plastics, Bronzes, Aluminium-Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Inconel, Hasteloy-Monel, and Zirconium.

D&D also have full installation of CAD-CAM software and engineers with a vast knowledge for more complex component requirements.

We undertake a an abundance of work from both the valve industry and OEM, which as we are aware are two very reputable and growing markets. 

Typical valve-industry machining work undertaken:

Globe bodies, Gate bodies, Butterfly bodies, Ball bodies, Swing check valves, Bonnets, Glands, Stems, Seats & Discs, Shafts and assembly of all the named components.

Typical OEM work undertaken:

Mould making, Automation components, Cams, Depositing heads, Fabricated and machined rollers, Machine frames, Tooling plates, Base plates, Bottling industry components, Sub-assemblies, Food-Grade components and Check jigs.

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Fabrication & Assembly 


As a part of our new re-structuring, D&D are looking to further our skills in assembly of both machined and fabricated components. We offer a design and manufacturing element to our services, whilst incorporating site maintenance, and installation of such components whenever necessary. Our assembly, welding and fabrication team assist the development of on-site services that we provide, along with the production of a number of component parts.

We vary our work from one-off fabrications detailed to drawings, to weld repairs, batch work, and complex assemblies. Our production fabricators are multi-skilled, allowing  us to provide an enhanced service into processes such as testing, assembly, and integration of machined components.

Our team have knowledge with metals such as:

  • Stainless steel 304

  • Stainless steel 316

  • Aluminium

  • Brass

  • Bronze

  • Mild steel

Our willingness to accommodate our customers' on site fabrication and maintenance requirements, opens opportunities, such as upgrades, extensions and repairs which are a predominant part of our scope. 

  • Choosing D&D for your fabrication needs:

  • Two company owned commercial vehicles for delivery and transportation are available.

  • Equipped with self-driven, and highly motivated skilled employees.

  • We have a production process providing design, machining, fabrication, assembly - less companies involved, better service for the customer.

  • We are an extension of your engineering team, transferring knowledge, reducing costs and have a customer focused approach for communication.

sales@ddeng.co.uk         01482 879175
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