Forward Thinking

2018 has started tremendously well with our new look production area in place and investments being made in staff and facilities, find out more on our latest events below.

Expanding our capacity


At D&D we understand that engineering is an expanding market, and with our services, we are seeking entrance into new markets. By investing in 2 new CNC machines, we are able to achieve our expansion aims by implementing these machines on our shop floor. The XYZ Proturn SLX 555 x 1m is our newest lathe, as we are aware of such high demand for the scope of dimensions that this machine requires, we have been able to full take advantage of our new asset by keeping it running so often. We have also been able to invest in a new milling machine, introducing the new XYZ 1060 HS VMC, which allows us to expand on our current milling capacity, and at a far more efficient rate. We anticipated that this would massively enhance our performances and production rates in the milling department, and it has done exactly that. With future prospects in place with very exciting new customers the machining department is as busy as ever. 

As we have invested in new machinery, we required more space and a brand new layout to compliment our ideas. As a result of this we've had a huge help from all of our employees in restructuring the whole design, and removing and building separate walls in order to create more floor space and increase our capacity. This is something we are immensely proud of and to have come to the end of it with an optimistic approach for the future with our vision now much clearer, we can focus our attention on improving our production even further. Below are a few images of our expansion throughout the months.

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The D&D Team:


Our combined knowledge of precision machining and fabrication is something we pride ourselves upon. It has been the key to our success over the years and we look to pass this knowledge down to the younger generation. Our time-served team have an enthusiasm to maintain the high standards that we have set ourselves, while looking into more efficient avenues of production on the factory floor.  

As we have expanded the sub-contract and production area within the business in recent years, we have promoted, and employed new and existing staff to suit the demands of a growing company.

The introduction of Alan Bayston has enhanced the production and operation aspect of D&D, and after many months of hard work and reviewing our processes we are pleased to announce that we have passed our Stage 2 ISO 9001:2015 audit and have been granted full qualification since April 2016 to date.  The ISO 9001 quality standard is not just about obtaining a certification, we have worked hard to streamline our processes in order to reduce risk, increase quality, be more efficient and most of all improve our customer satisfaction. Alan, along with Mark have therefore been able to implement new strategies into the way the factory operates, through streamlined production schedules. Below is our newly instated continuous improvement process. We are using this internally to try and provide a healthier, more efficient service for our customer base.




Trevor Proctor, our longest serving employee has been rewarded with the Production Managers role in the company based on his skill set and loyalty to D&D over the years, something we are immensely proud of.

Similarly, Ken Taylor has also been promoted to Production Supervisor, due to his desire to become more involved in the machined components produced by D&D. Both Trevor and Ken have an accumulative 56 years worth of loyal service with D&D and manage a highly skilled workforce of 13 employees, we are keen to expand this number even further still.

All of our employees are greatly skilled and there is a high level of respect for every individual. As we look to build on this workforce in the future, D&D hope to maintain skilled staff and build our workforce in the future. 

Mark Robinson

Managing Director

Alan Bayston

Operations Director

Trevor Procter

Production Manager

Ken Taylor

Production Supervisor

Sam Robinson

Operations Coordinator

July 2017: The Next Generation

We are delighted to announce our latest management recruit, Sam Robinson. Coming into the  business initially as Management Trainee, Sam is the fourth generation of our family to be involved in our company. Sam will begin learning the production processes, performing machining and producing component parts within the production area, working alongside our skilled shop floor engineers. His training will include every element of the business including, production systems and processes, management training, Sage operating and analysis, Sales expansion and customer liaison. Sam has recently achieved A level qualifications, with excellent results in Business, Business Law and IT that will enhance our current systems by internally fine tuning areas of the business which we are looking to develop. The family involvement is an essential element to our business, since Gordon started in 1983, and Sam’s decision to join the company further encompasses our family’s future commitment for our staff.

The Apprenticeship Scheme:

Our apprenticeship scheme is considered with high regard, as we understand the value of training our staff internally in order to enhance our skill set. We have new recruitment possible each year for both milling machinists, and centre lathe turners who are willing to enter a career in becoming another successful employee at D&D.

In previous years our apprentices have won awards, and entered national engineering competitions. With close relations to HETA we are making it possible year on year to develop our skill set and engineering intelligence, starting with a youth orientated approach. 

We look at our apprenticeship scheme as a way to develop younger employees and further their careers, by pushing them to work alongside our production managers and the senior members of our work force who have years of experience in both milling and turning. We have found previously that by doing so, it is the best, most hands-on way to develop a new apprentices skill set.         01482 879175
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