About D&D:

Precision Machining:

A wide scope of CNC milling machines and lathes, along with a highly skilled workforce enable us to provide the highest quality of finished components and assemblies.

Fabrication & Welding Capabilities:
From small/medium size fabrications to site services, assembly work and modifications, our capabilities are ongoing. With extensive knowledge of fabrication in numerous industries, we aim for quality and service to be ever-present.

Since the founding of D&D in 1986, quality and determination to provide exceptional services have always been the main and most important objective for our company. When it was initially established, Gordon Robinson (owner of D&D at the time) saw potential in his staff and knew D&D had the capabilities to grow. As Gordon sought expansion of the business, he took on board his son, Mark, in 1992 who was poised to take D&D to the next level. With a knowledge of engineering already from his Father and working for the company as a young boy, Mark's qualifications in accounting and finance, meant that he was able to derive new ideas and implement them whilst developing his name and the companies reputation within the local industry. 2010 was a proud year for both the company and the Robinson's as Mark's ambitions to take over and carry D&D forward into a new generation were set alight, and he was able to take a grasp on the foundations laid by Gordon and years of hard work that had gone into it. Mark now has new ambitions for the company and fully intends on growing it even further, into a nation-wide company. 


Looking forward, we are investing a substantial amount of time and effort, both on the shop-floor and in the offices, to enhance our in-house performance, and widen our scope. We feel that this is in the companies best interest to better ourselves year by year, and with significant investments back into the workforce, machinery and maintenance of the business, we hope to reach goals in coming years and aspire to improve even further as a business in the long-term future. New recruitments in all areas have freshened up D&D in recent times, allowing us to have a new approach to our workforce and operations within the company we are investing greatly in the younger generation to bring an enthusiasm into D&D every day, with employees who enjoy working here, as we see this as a capital objective in order to succeed. Implementing this approach is allowing us to maintain experienced, skilled workers, and training the younger generation to keep these skills in-house to great effect. We seek to achieve the highest standards of quality machining, by doing so new strategies and quality objectives have been implemented effectively by Alan Bayston, while adopting ambitions to maintain our SGS ISO certification year on year as we have done so successfully since 2015, when Alan joined the company.

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